100 students descend upon Fordhall

This week Fordhall Farm had a visit from a Walsall secondary school. Tens of students tumbled up Fordhalls drive for their first visit to an organic farm and for many, their first visit to a farm of any kind.

They were taken on a farm walk by Charlotte and in the afternoon lit a fire in the woodland and made jewellery using natural materials. When asked how many had been on a farm before or had even seen a live pig, only a handful put up their hands.
What seemed like an unruley bunch of city children soon turned out to be a group of enthusiastic learners, keen to understand about the function of worms in the soil, and the process of pig to pork.

One parent later emailed us and said:

I would like to say thank you on behalf of my daughter who visited your farm today. It made a pleasant change to hear my daughter comment on what a wonderful time they had and how much she had learned from a school trip. In this day and age it was refreshing to know that the school ( Brownhills Community Technology College) had arranged an educational trip rather than one to a theme park or skating rink. School trips normally cost a small fortune so I was very surprised when my daughter informed me that this trip was only costing £2. Being as my daughter Laura enjoyed it so much I think that it’s only fair that you should receive the average cost of one of their school trips so I have sent you £20 through PayPal. I hope that my other children who attend the school have the same chance to visit your wonderful farm as I’m a big believer in keeping Farming British and that British Food and produce is the best you can buy and that more should be done to support our Farmers
So I would like to say thank you.”

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  1. Just to say a massive thanks for Tuesday. From our point of view it was very successfull. The kids had a great time, really enjoyed being at the farm and learning all about the story. It all worked out so well. I was really buzzing yesterday, especially when i got back home. The really got a lot from it, woopy!
    I hope you carry on to get school groups coming to the farm.
    Thank you all at Fordhall,
    Claire (Teacher)

  2. Hi Charlotte and everyone.

    It looks like your second visit also went well. I just want to say a huge thank you from me personally for our day with you last week. Many people thought I was mad bringing 14 and 15 year old girls to a muddy farm but I think you helped me prove them wrong!

    A couple of highlights for me : the Times journalist asked one of our girls what they knew about the place before they came.

    We deliberately had not told them the story as I knew it would be so much better coming from you!

    The girl said “My teacher told me something amazing had happened here” He asked what did she think now and she said her teacher was absolutely right (not often we hear that) !!!

    I thought that was a lovely quote!

    Later in the woods someone sidled up to me and said “I have always wanted to be round a campfire – my family never do stuff like this ……..”

    That sums up what I wanted to achieve.

    I am absolutely sure we will be back if you will have us!!

    Many thanks again
    Jo, Newport Girls High School.

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