£215,000 in the Bank… £585,000 to go..

So we are almost a quarter of the way there. The money is coming in steadily. We need to keep up this momentum.

Please do contact us if you have a box scheme, or local society who are willing to distribute leaflets on our behalf. There is limited time and we have limited resources at the office. We need your help to reach everyone interested in buying part of Fordhall forever, whether it be for themselves or grand children – they are investing in the future. Just let us know how many leaflets you want and where to send them, its that easy.

Charlotte spoke to the Shropshire Federation of the Civic Society today and they took 1000 to distribute to their members! More were then handed out to the Shropshire Organic Gardeners after a walk and talk around Fordhall. Can your group beat this?

The Hampshire group of CPRE have so far had the best response from the leaflets raising £4,000 towards the campaign.

Dont be out done – join in and see what a difference you can make.

Posters can also be downloaded from the ‘How Can You Help‘ pages on our website