Amount Raised So Far…

We have so far raised £70,000 through the sale of shares and donations, amounting to over 400 shareholders from across the breadth of the country.

It is clear that there is still a lot to raise before we meet our £800,000 target by the deadline in July.

We have applied to two grant bodies for figures of approximately 600,000. We will hear the result of these in June, which leaves things pretty tight.

We also have the Business Plan reaching completion which should enable a small shortfall to be funded by a mortgage (but this is a last resort).

We therefore can not rely upon them, and need to raise as much as we can ourselves as the community.

This involvement is also what makes Fordhall ‘community owned‘, its what makes it original and what makes it a worthwhile project.

We need your help to spread the word and increase our number of shareholders. The more poeple are involved the larger the example it sets. Showing that you do care about food and how its produced and that you are interested in being involved with family farmss, and that you do care that they survive. By supporting Fordhall you are already doing all of this and you are safeguarding an important asset for future generations to learn the same – wherever they live.

Please visit our ‘How Can You Help’ pages to download posters or leaflets, or to write a letter on our behalf. Every little bit helps!