Award Ceremonies all round

Charlotte and Ben recently attended two exciting award ceremonies.

The first was Shropshire Star Woman of the Year Award 2006. Charlotte was nominated as a finalist for her contribution to the farming industry and community development in the area. She was commended for her efforts and the efforts of all those involved with the Initiative. Charlotte was also able to meet Christine Hamilton, the guest speaker at the ceremony. Christine commended Charlotte for her guts and determination. She even took a share application – you never know!

Charlotte said “I feel honoured to be a finalist in these awards. All of the other finalists were ladies who have been doing dacades of charity work, for me to be placed amongst them is very humbling.”

The second ceremony, actually held on the same day as the Shropshire Star Awards, was the Princes Trust Enterprise Awards Ceremony, for which Ben and Charlotte were also voted as finalists.

Ben said “The Princes Trust have supported Charlotte and I since the very beginning. They offered us a low interest loan of £2000 when we first took over the tenancy in 2004. With very few livestock on the farm at the time, this loan played a vital role in getting our business off the ground. It paid for a second hand chest freezer from which we sold our frozen sausages, and allowed us to buy some more livestock. Without that initial help our business may not have got off the ground and we may not be here today. We are very honoured to be voted as finalists for this award and are looking forward to building the farm business further.”