Awards and dances – it’s all go at Fordhall Farm!

CONGRATULATIONS to Fordhall Community Land Initiative for winning the award for ‘The Most Care and Consideration Towards Volunteers’ in Shropshire. This exciting award reflects not only the hard work that goes into making volunteers welcome and feel appreciated, but also the fact that so many volunteers reguarly return and all seem to enjoy themselves! It was a real compliment to the Initiative.

Also – Congratulations to Sophie for being in the final for the Best Volunteer Manager Award. Here she is, pictured with Mark from Volunteering England.

To celebrate the award and to introduce the Christmas spirit Fordhall Farm held an exciting, blood pumping ceilidh at the local secondary school. In total 65 enthusiastic people joined together to try and follow the steps whilst having lots of fun and filling the room with laughter. There was a lovely buffet and a delicious Fordhall pork bap.

A huge thanks MUST go to all the volunteers who helped pull the event together on the day – decorating the hall and ensuring everything ran smootly on the night. All your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Onwards to another exciting year ahead with new challenges and ambitions. We hope you enjoy the journey!