BBC News on the case…

Jane and Pete from BBC Breakfast News paid us a visit on wednesday. They are doing a five part piece for BBC Breakfast looking at people who are trying to change things and Fordhall was top of their list!

They stayed all afternoon filming in the bitter cold around the Fordhall landscape. We hope the new exposure will help to turn all the support we have so far gathered into the cash we need to allow Fordhall to be saved and for the project to succeed.

The 3 minute piece will be aired on BBC One the week beginning February 27th, but we are not sure which day of the week it will be shown as yet.

Keep your eye on this page for updates; and tell all your friends and collegues…

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  1. Hi, this is great news. I am in the south and so it is difficult for me to visit. I look forward to watching you on the BBC.
    p.s. Keep up the Blog I love reading about what you chaps are doing, sounds like you have a long way to go, but I know there is a lot of support out there for you to succeed!

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