Bird Boxes and Bird Song – International Dawn Chorus Day 2021

At around four or five in the morning, when most of the human world is still fast asleep, the natural world sets off its own alarm clock. This alarm clock, however, is somewhat less abrasive than the one you or I may be used to; in fact, it could even be described as magical. With that little peeking of the springtime sunshine over the horizon comes the Dawn Chorus.
The first Sunday of May each year, this time May 2nd, is a widespread celebration of this chorus of birdsong – International Dawn Chorus Day. Starting as a small event in Birmingham in the 1980s, it grew in popularity, with over 80 countries revelling in nature’s wakeup call over the years. Whether in the city or countryside, if you open a window, the local birds will treat you to your very own concert free of charge…if you are up early enough to hear it of course!
Recently, here at the farm, we ran bird box building sessions for our Bubble Clubs, to lend a helping hand to these little musicians. One of our builders, Liam, has even informed us of interest in his bird box (pictured right)! Stories like this are so encouraging to hear, especially now the natural world needs more help than ever. Nationwide there has been a marked decline in native birds, with the reported 2018 figures of UK bird populations clocking in at around 11% lower than 1970. Any help you can give, from setting up feeders to building bird boxes can provide a little boost to our winged friends.
If you have any new families moving into any of your bird boxes, or are rising early to take part in Dawn Chorus Day, do show us some photos or tell us your stories!
For more information on International Dawn Chorus Day 2021, and help identifying certain birdsongs, follow this link:
Fran Lant
Admin and Marketing Apprentice