Burglary at Fordhall Farm

Unfortunately, for the first time in years Fordhall Farm has been burgled. There is not much machinery on the farm, but what there is has extreme value for the people that use it. (Farmer) Ben doesn’t have a tractor or any large machinery, but he does have a quad bike, and on Sunday night it was stolen from our barn along with a number of power tools.

Thieves broke through the door, leaving the padlock untouched, on the farms dutch

barn. The quad bike was the first thing to go and unfortunately, the most valuable asset on the farm. Ben manages the livestock on our 140 acre farm himself and the quad was the one thing that helped speed up his daily jobs and allow everything he has to do in a day possible. Other tools taken included a stihl saw, chain saw, welder and more.

Ben said “Its really disheartening to know that people could come and steal from such a small business when everyone is working so hard to try and make it work in todays climate. It is an especially big blow at this time of year when it is so busy in the run up to christmas. With all the Christmas orders to organise not having the quad bike to help look after/feed the animals will really slow things down. We have now installed cctv and extra security at the farm to help safe guard against future problems.”

Ben has felt de-motivated and disappointed from the incident but this does not just effect him. Regular volunteers at the farm, such as Chris Tither, rely on the tools for their work. Chris has been helping at Fordhall for over 18 months, building up his confidence levels whilst having the sense of being involved in a worthwhile project. But, when he turned up today there was little work he could do.

You never know, someone may read this and at the same time notice some cheap power tools for sale….. But, more than likely they are lost forever.

We urge everyone to be extra vigulent in the run up to Christmas this year and to watch out for buying cheap items that could well be stolen.


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  1. Dear Ben, Charlotte and everyone involved

    I am devastated to learn of your breakin – how mean, selfish and low can people be – I am sending by snail mail a small donation to you, I am sorry it is not much but it might just purchase something useful – if only a few
    beers to drown your disappointment!

    After all your hard work I hope you have a good Christmas and I hope that in the new year family commitments will allow us to visit you.

    Best wishes


  2. Dear Ben Charlotte Hannah and everyone at Fordhall

    I am very sorry to read the news of your burglary. As an ex police officer I’ve investigated many burglaries in the past, some quite traumatic, and have been the victim of burglary myself, so I know what youre going through.
    Keep positive if you can. it sounds like youve done all the right things by installing cctv etc.
    Its very disheartening that this has happened at Fordhall, of all places, as you say it affects everyone.
    Ben may already know this, but farmers weekly run a crimeline for stolen vehicles – it may be worth checking their interactive website and adding details of the atv for circulation.

    Best wishes,
    JohnG (Friend of Fordhall)

  3. Golly gee whilikers! I can’t believe someone had the gumption to do such a thing! I have fond memories of riding the beast around the farm on working weekends or just helping out here and there hauling things with the trailer. I hope Ben finds a suitable sub, soon.

    I wish you all the best in the New Year, hope to see you all sometime!

    Much love and warm wishes,
    Navy Dave
    (of Virginia)

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