Burning the Midnight Oil

Whilst we are all still working hard to catchup with the backlog the sun is beating down outside and the butterfiles are out in force. It is absolutly stunning here although the grass is crying out for some rain (but not before Ben finishes bailing of course…)

Our volunteers are so dedicated that not even the power cut we had on Saturday discouraged them. Working long hours into the middle of the night we were all eqipped with candles and the occassional flourescent jacket between us, stuffing envelopes and signing certificates. Thanks to Dave, Sean, Victoria and Holly for your staying power. There was a really good atmosphere in the office as everyone knew how important it was to try and catch up with ourselves and they were all willing to put in the extra mile, again.

Meanwhile, shareholders are taking the opportunity to come and visit the farm during the shop opening hours (Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun 11-4) and are walking around the nature trail, only to return with a huge grin on their faces after seeing how attractive and important the farm is. Fordhall Farm now belongs to you and we love telling you about it and pointing you in the right direction so you can experience it for yourselves.