Can You Save Fordhall Farm?

We are always receiving copies of emails in the office which have been circulated by supporters to all their friends.

As a result we have created a short video introduction to Fordhall Farm.

Time is getting tight and all we can do is tell people about our project. This has only one chance to succeed. We will work as hard as we possibly can to ensure its success, but it will only succeed with your help.

Lets save Fordhall Farm from development and allow it to be owned by YOU; its shareholders. Non profit making, but surely a life time share in our traditional English countryside is a priceless asset.

Please forward this video link to all your friends or contacts.


  • £284,000 raised so far
  • £200,000 Loan has been approved by Triodos Bank for 25 years at 1.5% above base.
  • Still waiting to hear on a £450,000 grant from GrantScape
  • Grant from Garfield Western Foundation has been declined
  • Guided Walk Days coming up on 4th and 14th June at Fordhall – need to be booked in advanced.
  • Our Family Fun Day at Fordhall is on Sunday June 11th.

35 days to go

and ….

£516,000 still to raise (not including Tridos offer)

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  1. Good luck Charlotte, Ben, and all the Team at Fordhall Farm. You guys are inspirational. I am so inspired that it has helped my decision to leave my office job and move up to the organic farm in Far North Queensland where my boyfriend has been offered a job as Farm Manager.
    I wish I could do more to help but living in Brisbane, Australia, makes it a little tricky to join in the volunteer weekends! I am coming back to the UK for a holiday soon so if I can borrow a car I will try and visit the farm shop on my way between Yorkshire and the South West.
    I am going to buy a share today and only wish I could buy more (if someone could have a word with the powers that be and make my dollars worth more than 40p each that would be great!). I’m proud to be a part of this amazing initiative.
    Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts across the seas,
    p.s. if you have any grant applications that need proof of an international reach and need a more official letter/email let me know!

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