Cancelling Family Fun Day

We are extremely sorry to inform you all that we are cancelling the forthcoming Family Fun Day on the 19th August and all planned guided walks over the next couple of weeks. This has been a tough decision for us, especially as everything seemed to have just fallen into place. We are just concerned that although the risk is low, if by any chance anything was to happen, it would be horrendous.

We understand that many people were planning on visiting the farm on August 19th. We are unsure at the moment if the Nature Trail will be open so please watch this space. We will however be putting on some very basic refreshments and the Farm Shop will be open 11 – 4. Please dont forget that we will have limited parking as cars will not be allowed in the field so please use public transport if possible.

But all is not lost! We are going for the ‘Third Time Lucky’ approach and moving the stalls and some activities to coincide with the already planned Big Draw event on Sunday October 14th so we hope to see you there (11-4).

Thank you for being so understanding. Please keep watching the website for up-to-date information on the situation.

From all at Fordhall x

Something to think about: “Huw Rowlands, a farmer of rare breed Red Poll cattle in Cheshire who is ‘fully in favour of vaccination’ writes, ‘Culling infected animals is intended solely to protect our beef export industry, whilst supermarkets happily continue importing beef from countries such as Brazil, where foot-and-mouth disease is endemic.”(The Independent, Letters, 9/8/07)

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  1. Hi all,

    a sensible decision I think – although people will be disappointed I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t understand the need to put safety first in this situation.

  2. Dear Sophie, Charlotte annd Ben

    Thank you for your e-mail I am sorry that the present situation has caused
    so much heart ache to so many. I live on the edge of PZ2. I am also a local
    anglican priest and a volunteer for Farm Crisis Network. So it has been a
    very tough week for our farmers and smallholders here as you can imagine. If
    there is any chance of you putting on your website the deatils of or a link
    to the Farm Crisis Network and also passing it on to any farmers in your
    area or via email list that would be a great help. As you know the knock on
    affects are almost as devestasting for some farmers and other agricultural
    linked businesses.
    Farm Crisis Network hotline is 07002 326 326 www,

  3. Dear All,

    I am very sorry to hear your news although it is not unexpected as all the farms near here are taking similar precautions, as well as other farmers we know eg cider-makers in Hereford, Wales and Dorset. Clearly we very much hope that the disease will not spread.

    I was able to visit last week, very briefly, when passing the farm shop and met Ben and bought the books and various other things. I shall hope to do so in future and spend more time, but, as ever, I wish you all well.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks for your e-mail. So sorry about cancelled plans but in view of the current situation feel sure this is the right and safe decision.

    There is always another time and best to avoid any possible risks.

    You have lots of support in all your endeavours and we will look forward to visiting another time.

    Regards to all
    Anne & Terry

  5. Hi everyone

    Thank you for this. I was glad to see that you were not a victim of the
    recent flooding and I do hope that Foot and Mouth does not spread – but I
    agree with your decision. There will always be next year.


  6. Don’t worry, it is obviously the right thing to do and I’m sure everyone will understand. We hope to come to one of your events some time. For now, all the very best to you all.

    Helen, Kent

  7. Blessings to you all from Ann and Tony Neate. These things happen and we feel that in the circumstances you have made the right decision. C’est la vie!

    May the next year be really prosperous for you

    Ann and Tony, Worcester

  8. Quite understand. I would not have come anyway as I live quite near
    the outbreak part of the week. It would have been too close to risk
    Jane, Surrey

  9. What a shame,after all your hard work. Best wishes for all the other forthcoming venues, maybe we will get there next year for a working party week-end.

    Take care Sandy Ross and Ian ( the big guy who wanted to alter your gates ),Somerset

  10. Hi all of you

    Sorry to hear you have had to cancel, but there’s no sensible alternative.

    Glad other things are going well at Fordhall and best wishes

    Brenda and Charles, Birmingham

  11. I have been monitoring the situation in the UK, praying that the farm would not be hit with Foot
    and Mouth disease.

    I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Fordhall, but I love all the communications from you and
    the team. And I do hope that in the near future I will be able to visit. I am very proud to be
    a (very small) shareholder in this wonderful initiative. Know that all I can do right now is
    send you lots of long-distance moral support.

    And thank you for always keeping your extended community so well informed of events — happy and
    scary alike.

    From Carol, Germany

  12. Hi guys

    Sorry to hear about the cancellation, but Ruth and I agree with your decision. It really would be disastrous if something happened to the animals on the farm after all of your efforts.

    Keep smiling and don’t let the buggers get you down. There will be other Fun Days.

    I still tell everyone that they haven’t lived until they try having to carry logs across a bog in order to build an otter holt!

    Thinking of you all.

    Jason & Ruth in sunny Kent (well, at least it was today!!!)

  13. I’m sure you’ve made absolutely the right decision for yourselves and for
    the wider community. I hope you and the farm stay safe and well. I’ll look
    to visit you anon. All the best.

  14. Hi all

    Real shame about the Family Day, but it’s a responsible and sensible decision in the circumstances.

    Already planning our next visit/stay for the volunteer weekend and October’s Big Draw – our first experience of coming for a volunteer is one we would recommend to anyone. It’s a great chance to get more involved in the Fordhall Community of volunteers and shareholders and learn what farming and food sourcing should be all about. Thanks to you all for the opportunity to be involved and be part of the community and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    Take care, God bless, keep safe and don’t let these little set-backs grind you down – just remember how much has been overcome in the last couple of years!!!

    Rob, Ellie, Bethan & Ffion Lee xxx(from Baschurch, Shropshire)

  15. Hi Charlotte –

    What a shame; really sorry for you all and for everyone who puts so much
    hard work in.

    Best wishes from all at BBC Radio Shropshire,


  16. Dear All at Fordhall,

    You are wise, prudent & I dare say possess other virtues too. Lighten your heavy hearts by kneading the best loaf in the land, whisking up a batch of the campest fairy cakes Nigella never got round to baking, & a Baked Alaska of chocolate sponge cake, fresh raspberry jam and the most delicious vanilla icecream you can either make or afford covered by a `SHAMELESS meringue. This should cheer you up & the unusual amount of sugar involved will give you extra energy.

    I hope you have enough cattle grids etc. The threat of foot & mouth does not only menace, but can prove expensive. Does the Government contribute at all to the amounts of soi-disant Dettol/ antiseptic involved, or do they merely lay down the law? & who will ensure that your visitors all wear sterilised gumboots?

    The reason I write this is because I was brought up on a farm – rather a ramshackle affair – & also through your various news bulletins, have grown very fond of you. Don’t loose heart – you are a courageous bunch and when hearts weigh heavy, they tend to drop into the ditch. The whole point about bad news is to Lighten the darkness, not add wails to the groaning.

    Now I must get on with writing my proposal for my next book, otherwise my agent, prospective publishers et al will be barking up my shins. I wish this machine could draw.

    Lots of good luck & best wishes,
    Henrietta, London

  17. Dear all,

    Thank you so much for all your lovely notes of support. We were all really disappointed that we had had to cancel our event yet again.

    We hope the event on October 14th will have more success!

    Warmest wishes to you all

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