Charlotte learns how to tile

If any of you had read the recent newsletter or the new book The Fight For Fordhall Farm, you will know that the farmhouse bathroom has been in need of repair for some years. Ben, mum and I (and whoever was lucky enough to stay at Fordhall) have had to walk across the yard to our portable shower unit due to the lack of working facilities in the house.

When Fordhall Farm was placed into community ownership last year, 8000 of you became our new reponsible landlords, and the new board of Trustees have decided that it is time we had a bathroom inside! Of course this is fantastic news to Ben, mum and I, especially with the winter coming. The room has taken a long time to come together. The floors had to be stripped, the beams replaced (with oak), walls replastered, new electrics, new plumbing, the works. We have even had thermafleece insulation (sheeps wool) fitted – it’s almost like having central heating!

This week the finishing touches have been happening and I even got taught how to tile. But Alec (an ex builder and one of our board members) can’t have been too impressed as he only let me do two!
A nice hot bath here we come….

p.s. dont forget that ben has launched his online shop linked from our website when you can now buy our book and dads book ‘The Farmer the Plough and the Devil’.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed! So is the kitchen and pantry next? I’m glad to see the house is improving for you all, wish I were there to help more! – Navy Dave

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