Come and PLAY at Fordhall!

A fantastic opportunity for everyone who loves to have a good time, and may possibly have always, deep down, wished they had learnt to juggle. The Play Festival has once again returned to Fordhall Farm and as people flood (literally) through the gates wearing wellies, the atmosphere is buzzing with excitment.

The festival will climax with a special fire show on Friday and a circus performance on Saturday. It really is a brilliant festival to be part of, as everyone trundles from tent to tent socialising and just having a great time. Its almost impossible to overcome the urge to join in with the spinners or having a go at unicycling – which, considering it is on a field, is a talent in itself!

We are hoping to persuade a few skilled attendees to return for our Family Fun Day on August 19th so more people can share the fun.

Look at for more information and we look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. We had a fantastic time at the festival – thanks for allowing us to borrow the field!

    Keep up the good work


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