Display desperation…

Hi All,

Here we are again asking for your valuable help. We are coming and meeting you whenever we get the opportunity, and we want to create the right impression. We are looking for some second hand display boards but can’t find anywhere that sells them – can you help?

Our next show is the Shrewsbury Flower Show on the 11th and 12th August, and then Ludlow Food Festival on the 8th-10th September, Attingham Food Festival in Shrewsbury on the 16th September and the list goes on.

In the past we have borrowed boards from friends but this is not always possible. If you have some spare boards you are able to donate, or you know where there are some cheap second hand boards that we can buy, please can you post a comment on this blog and we will reply to you.

What we need: Boards that are light, fold easy, look tidy and are stable – please let us know

Thank you in advance for your support


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  1. I’m sure that you have already followed thid route but have you tried for some small pots of money to buy these items? Our local councillors have small pots of money that you can apply for – only up to £500 and the county councillors have slightly more. There is also awards for all. I suppose it depends if the money is used to promote the farm as a business or the farm as a community project that benefits volunteers, local children etc.

  2. Also might be worth trying local schools to see if they have some that you could borrow – in exchange for the kids getting a tour of the farm or one of you giving a talk or something?

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