Drainage works on Fordhall Farmhouse

This week important works have begun on the 18th century farmhouse at Fordhall. Over the years the ground level has risen and as a result the house has got damp and been retaining moisture. With repairs due to start on the roof in the Autumn, it was important to stop wate coming in from the bottom as well as the top.

John Heaney (and Tes or rather Tez!) have been working on inserting land drains around the house this week, but as part of the project we will also be removing the ivy.
The ivy has been on the house for over 100 years and it has really formed part of its character. Many visitors will remember staying in the four poster bedroom, or drinking in the bar room, both with ivy growing in through the walls!
It has seen the farm through many changes and through them even held the house together… Now it must be removed so that complete repairs can be made to ensure its structural integrity. We are all sorry to see it go, but we understand that the house must come first in this instance – plus we may replace it with wisteria or roses in the future 🙂