Bio Blitz

July 7, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – July 8, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Fordhall Organic Farm
Tern Hill Roundabout
Tern Hill, Market Drayton TF9 3PX
Bio Blitz @ Fordhall Organic Farm | Tern Hill | England | United Kingdom

Experienced wildlife watchers and naturalists will host series of free interactive activities as part of a BioBlitz event at Fordhall Farm. The free event will see hunters on the lookout for beetles, centipedes, caterpillars and spiders with a helping hand from experts.
The Bioblitz HQ – the ‘Bunker’ will be in the community garden where a variety of other local wildlife groups will help with activities with powerful microscopes, bug hunts for children to create a snapshot of the variety of life that can be found in an area. Just like a real scientific expedition, everything found during the BioBlitz will be documented and recorded on our database to monitor changes in local wildlife.
The event starts at 12pm on Saturday, July 7 and runs until 2pm on Sunday.

The timetable will be as follows:
12pm – Join spider expert Nigel Cane-Honeysett on a walk of Fordhall. He will take you into the magical world of this small creatures. He can teach you how to ID them, talk you through their wonderful attributes and even cure you of a fear of spiders if you have one!

– See nature through a microscope
– Compost investigation
– Worm dancing
2pm – Minibeast hunting. Ideal for families and experts. Capture small creatures from around the farm. ID them and investigate them through the magnifying glass.
2pm – Butterfly Walk. Ideal for families and experts. Hunt for this delicate creatures with large nets. ID them and learn about them.
3.30pm – Pond Dipping – family focussed.
4.30pm – Reptile walk – will we find a grass snake or two?
4.30pm – Mammal trap – set up, ready to be checked the following morning. Also accompany our experts as they check ‘bucket lines’ for mammals caught for you to record.
6.30pm – Set up the moth trap, ready to be checked the following morning.
8pm – Join local enthusiast Cadi Price on a bat walk around Fordhall. Bat detectors will allow you to hear their high pitched calls as well as watching them swoop over head.

10am – Mammal walk. Come and see what we caught in the previous nights mammal trap.
10am – Moth ID. Come and see what was caught in the previous nights moth trap.
11.30am – Join bird enthusiast Wendy on a bird walk of Fordhall. Share your knowledge or learn something knew.
2pm – Event close.

All activities are suitable for families as well as wildlife experts. Come and share your knowledge, learn something or be enthused.