Farmer Ben’s new butcher

Ben (Hollins) has launched himself into new territory over the last few weeks. After 18 months of gathering second-hand items from wherever he could lay his hands on them, he now has a complete butchery kit fully assembled on the farm and he even has his own butcher to work in it.

After fighting for so long to save Fordhall Farm and for pushing so hard to build up the farm business, Ben is very proud that he now has his first official employee. John the butcher, now works part-time on the farm butchering Bens meat ready for the farm shop and farmers’ markets. This means that Ben can now do all of his own curing and sausage making – see photo of the first ever Fordhall Sausages!

As a result there will be various experiments in the farm shop – so be careful what you put in your shopping basket… But most importantly this now frees more of Bens time to work outside with the livestock.

More information on his new butchery and online farm shop will be in the Summer newsletter. Or why not drop into the farm shop and ask Ben about it yourself.

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