Fordhall around the country

The last few weeks have been spent all over the country. Speaking to the public about Fordhall and what the team and all the shareholders and volunteers have achieved.

Charlotte recently spoke at the National FARMA (Farmers Retail and Markets Association) in Torquay, and the Plunkett Foundations Social Enterprise Conference in Weston-Super-Mare where she was joined by Patrick Holden, Director of the Soil Association. Both conferences were fantastic fun and allowed others to hear about the achievements at Fordhall. We hope that what has been learnt here can also help others in similar situations by providing the inspiration and proof that these things can be achieved against all odds.

This thursday evening both Ben and Charlotte spoke at the Shropshire Farmers meeting in Shrewsbury. More local to home, but a more synical audience! Charlotte and Ben were prepared for the difficult questions and they answered then honestly and openly. In fact we think that the big land owners in the area were a little surprised at the determination and enthusiasm that Ben and Charlotte still carry the project forward with. They are not living in a fantasy world believing that everything will now work out fine. They realise that they are only at the beginning of their life at Fordhall and there is much harder work ahead to keep the farm going and the business viable. Much of this depends on your support of local producers and your continued belief in real food – so please do not stop supporting british or indeed your local farmers. You can not under estimate the difference it can make.

Charlotte is now looking forward to speaking at the Triodos WEBA Awards (Womens Ethical Business Awards) in London next week. If you see her around, please do go and say hello. It is always great to meet supporters and shareholders when you are so far away from home.

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  1. Political parties are now starting to address the question of food miles and buying local produce. This can only be good for Fordhall and another opportunity for press releases to promote the Farm Shop.
    All the best for a successful 2007!

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