Fordhall Farm builds on 2007 with new horizons

Well, 2007 was certainly a year to remember. It began well with our first ever AGM in March being a huge success. This was followed by a hugely popular farmers market and 14 new board members being elected to the FCLI board.

The year had high aspirations and we moved forward with vigour, but the remaining events for 2007 were less than we had hoped. If it wasn’t flooding, it was Foot and Mouth. This left our funds for the year depleted, but it did not damper our enthusiasm and the ceilidh in December was great fun.

Sophie has now left the office to move onto new challenges, and we wishe her the best of luck with whichever road she now finds herself on. So, the new year brings new energy and new enthusiasm. Hannah will join the ranks tomorrow as Sophie’s replacement. After recently graduating with an English degree, she is eager to use her skills to make a difference at Fordhall. I am sure she will introduce herself properly on the blog, but we are all sure that her cheerful deposition and enthusiastic approach to Fordhall will combine for a very successful future.

However, the biggest development to date is probably the erection of Bens new farm shed. After winning the ‘Young Rural Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award (sponsored by Lycetts and The Field Magazine) this year, Ben is spending the money wisely on some farm investment. The shed has kept the men amused for hours, as they build, watch, build a bit more, drink coffee, watch, build, watch, drink coffee and build again. But every now and again I think the coffee goes to their head and they dont spend enough time watching and predictably they slip up! 🙂

Now the shed is up, there are only the sides to go on. BUT, the progression is leaving me without a view from my office window! Hopefully there will soon be some new born lambs to keep me entertained…

The sides should go on soon, by Ben and some volunteers, and later the blocks. On behalf of Ben, can I say a big thank you for all those who donated to Ben’s blocks appeal. He now has just enough money to purchase the blocks he needs to complete the shed and kepp all the baby lambs warm. We will keep you updated as it happens.

Warmest wishes to you all for 2008

Charlotte Hollins x

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  1. It’s amazing what you can do with computer graphics these days. You have managed to put virtual cow shed images on your website to give an impression of what a REAL one will look like. Well done!

  2. This is a REAL one!!
    We don’t have the capability to do virtual sheds!

    The shed is up, just waiting for sides. Next time you visit Fordhall you can come and admire it yourself – Ben is very pleased he now has somewhere dry to keep his animals when he needs to.

    Charlotte Hollins

  3. Aww, no more views of the field from the porta cabin! Bittersweet changes, all for the better! I’m itchin’ to get back over there and pitch in!

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