Fordhall Farm Fantastic Weekend Double Bill !

This weekend saw the farm host another fantastic working weekend and the national Big Draw event (

The working weekend was a fantastic success with approximately 25 people attending from all over the country. Lots of worthwhile jobs were begun/ finished such as the boardwalk made from recycled plastic, holes ready for an orchard in the pig paddocks in February and beds in the picnic area were made ready for vegetables and herbs in the spring.

The art event which we called ‘If the pigs came to tea I would feed them…..’ took place in the picnic area and allowed families to work together to create fantastic imaginary meals for the animals. Around 30-40 children took part families came along for the art event and although many ‘meals’ were taken home by the children here are some pictures of the plates that were left. I thought I would also share with you some of the fantastic names that were given to the works of art.

* Conker chocolate cake.
* Flower Salad.
* Worm spaghetti.
* Mud Pie (made with real mud!)
* Piggy Pizza
and lots lots more!