Fordhall Farm on the BBC

Fordhall Farm is featured as part of a BBC documentary this Friday on the future of Farming.

With oil prices being so fluid and the vast majority of our farms being so dependant on it as a core resource, the issue raises an interesting debate. Rebecca Hosking visits Fordhall to learn about the Foggage Farming system we practice and the philosophy around working with nature, using the natural and sustainable systems of the earth to produce our food.

It will be a fantastic programme and should be watched by everyone. The future of our food is an issue for us all.

For more information you can read the article in the Sunday Mail by clicking here

Don’t forget FRIDAY 20TH FEBRUARY BBC 2 8pm.

You can now see the full BBC programme on Google. Follow the link below and click download to view it. Alternatively, call the Fordhall Office and we may be able to send you a copy.

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  1. Hi Charlotte and Ben

    Many thanks for letting us know about Rebecca Hoskings’s film. Apart from being truly beautiful to watch, it was also inspirational in the truest sense.

    Seeing the wonderful piece of matted roots topped by healthy green grass that you showed Rebecca it’s no wonder the fertility of your land has altered so much from your Grandfather’s day, and it certainly results in excellent meat from the livestock that live on it.

    Keep up the good work

    Sue & David Thompson

  2. It was a great programme & Fordhall came across superbly.
    Sorry to clog your e-mails you will probably get 8000 of these but I had to say well done !

  3. Hello,

    Congratulations on the programme, you put it accross very well!

    We are an organic dairy farm in Hampshire, and I an experimenting with
    deep rooting leys. We have just put a mixture together with Peter Ashman
    from DLF Trifolium. We are using cocksfoot, hybrid ryegrass,
    festuloliums, tall oat grass, timothy, white and red clover, and herbs. I
    was wondering what your mixture was if it’s not confidential?

    All the best, David.

  4. Hi David,

    The most important aspect of your grass mixture is not over grazing therefore allowing that thick root structure to develop. This is where the secret lies.

    Charlotte Hollins

  5. I watched ‘A Farm for the Future’ and I was so impressed. It was a
    thought-provoking and positive programme. It described clearly the enormity of the energy crisis facing farming but it offered hope.

    I was very interested in the quality of the permanent grazing on your farm and you (Charlotte) explained everything so clearly. You are a natural communicator and I’m encouraged that there are young people like you and
    Rebecca with knowledge and enthusiasm.

    Good luck for the future,


  6. Hi Ben

    Thought the programme on Friday was great. Was amazed at how you manage to keep the animals on the pasture and all that down to the “matting” under the shoots.
    I would imagine a lot of people learnt a lot from the programme.


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