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We now have a new Fordhall Forum. This allows all of you to meet and exchange ideas for fundraising and increasing awareness of our campaign.

There is so much going on here that we simply can not act on every good idea that comes into the office. Please help us by joining together to create fundraising ideas.

And please do not forget to forward on the website or the following link to all your friends.

The Fordhall Forum can be found by CLICKING HERE
£505,000 raised so far (including £200,000 bank loan)
30 Days to go…
£295,000 minimum still to raise

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  1. Hi,

    I came accross you on Its not easy being green

    I commend you on what you are doing :-}

    The farm will have great future with you involved and
    what you are doing to save it.

    Opening it to the public is a great idea, this way
    kids will learn where thier food comes from……. the
    land and how it is grown. The more they learn the

    I wish you the greatest of luck and will be keeping an
    ewye on your web site.

    Good luck and all the best
    Take care
    Gill, Australia

  2. How often do you hear people complaining about the kids of today? I had to listen through another rant last night about how kids today (and they dont just mean primary age, or even teenagers, but people under the age of about 25) don’t do anything, want the world handed to them on a silver plate, how they just sit about and expect the world to give them a living.

    Well here three young people who are proving them all wrong. They’re fighting every minute they’re awake (and sometimes when they’re asleep) to help secure a future not just for themselves but for everyone. The volunteers come from every age group and walk of life and they too are doing everything they can to save this farm – trust me, i’m a volunteer and i have the t’shirt to prove it lol!

    So let’s here it for all those young people (and old people, and everyoner in the middle) who arent sitting around thinknig the world owes them a favour or a living. Lets here it for all those people who are giving every minute they have to ensure that you’re fututre grand children can see a real live cow in a real green field on a real farm under a real blue sky

  3. Roy and I have just received the latest news and want to say that we are so near we HAVE to do it – so we have just sent £ 100 – unfortunately all we can manage. We want to ask all supporters to dig deep and send in the rest of the money now even if you have to take out a bank loan to do it. PLEASE this is so important.It’s this sort of thing that gives us hope for our grandchildren’s future. Thank you.Vida and Roy.

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