French school visits Fordhall

This Tuesday brought a coach load of 50 French school children to the farm. They are all studying agriculture and horticulture for their baccalaureat at school in Burgundy and were keen to see how a British small organic farm works. Ben showed them around the farm, introducing them to local breeds, whilst Charlotte talked to them about the structure and goals of the initiative, with a little help from a few translators!
They shared their views on French farming, in particular their dismay at the move towards larger intensive farms and the need for smaller farms to diversify to survive. However they were enthusiastic about the move towards cooperatives in France and the increased focus on sustainable farming and were impressed by Fordhall’s focus on the involvement of the community in creating an enjoyable working and educative environment.
After a picnic in the grounds, they kindly filled out our visitors’ book in the farm shop in their best English! Here’s a few snippets,
“We discovered a new method of running a farm which pays respect to a job which is less and less well known and less appreciated these days.”
“The farm is very interesting because we don’t see this in France. Keep it up!!”
“The visit to Fordhall Farm was great and the volunteers are very friendly. Good luck for the future.”
Thanks to all of the students who came, it was as much of a learning experience for us as you!