Garden Update

Our Tuesday gardening group is often blessed with sunshine and yesterday was no different. This was particularly welcome after the wind and rain of the weekend.
Time then to getting planting! After a spot of weeding we lightly dug in some worm compost to feed the soil then we sowed  broad beans, a good overwintering variety known as Super Aquadulce which we buy from Garden Organic. This was followed by garlic which we had saved from this year’s crop and finally, making the most of the day, we planted our onion sets.  The soil was then covered with a good layer of leaf mulch which we also put round our brassicas.
Terry and Will sowing our broad beans

A few years ago a supporter kindly gave me a root of horseradish which I planted in a stack of tyres, figuring it would be easier to get at the roots to harvest them if I just lifted the tyres off.  Yesterday we were able to do just that and our chef Barney now has some horseradish to make a sauce to compliment the roast beef he serves on a Sunday here in Arthur’s Restaurant, which if you haven’t already been, I would recommend you treat yourself to a visit.  Happy gardening, Bex