Goats return to Fordhall

Charlotte is happy to announce that two Saanen goats have recently arrived at Fordhall after the elderly lady who owned them went into hospital (see left with Courier Dave welcoming them with some organic apples).
This brings back a lot of memories at Fordhall. Charlotte and Ben were given two young goats when they were only 10 years old by their late father, Arthur Hollins, in a bid to begin teaching them about animal husbandry. The two siblings kept these goats for over ten years at Fordhall. Each year the two goats produced kids, the sale of which provided enough income to cover the feed and vet’s bills.

Arthurs plan worked, this taught the two how to manage finances and manage livestock. Their continual attempts of fence repair also taught the two innovation and enterprise! But Ben never really forgot the hassle of chasing goats around the farm yard each time they escaped, and when Charlotte found out that there were two looking for a home, he was not over the moon.

However, Charlotte’s enthusiasm seems to have won him over for the moment and the new goats are resident in Fordhalls meadows. They have already proven to be a great attraction for visitors and volunteers (see Adam right with Charlotte), and Charlotte is sure that their varied grazing will do the pastures justice.


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  1. Ahhh how sweet, i love goats although so far haven’t been able to persuade hubby dearest to let me have some, says we have enough with the dogs, cats, hamsters, chipmunks and mice! lol

    I can’t wait to meet them when we’re next up at the farm although hubby says he’s gonna double check the back of the estate car to make sure i don’t sneak them home with me, as if i would! *looks innocent*

    Best wishes

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