If Dad (Arthur Hollins) was alive today he would have reached 105 years old. He taught us so much about life, he taught Ben and I to be determined and to believe in our vision. Most importantly, Dad created the beautiful organic landscape we have at Fordhall today. He spent his life nurturing the life in the soil, understanding nature, understanding his livestock and nurturing the soils that we continue to farm.

He was there when we began the fight to save Fordhall Farm from development, but unfortunately he was not there to see us succeed. Both Ben and I hope he would be proud of how far the farm has come, since he passed away in 2005. He loved people and he loved sharing Fordhall, so we know he would also love the community asset it has turned into.

Thank you to everyone local and further afield who have allowed Ben and I to continue our family’s farming heritage at Fordhall. Thank you for buying community-shares and placing Fordhall into community ownership, thank you for offering us a tenancy here, and thank you for supporting the farm shop, café, trails and all other activities at the farm. We would not be here without you all, and even though Dad is no longer here, we know his spirit lives on all over Fordhall.

Thank you Dad for giving us the opportunity to live our best lives ever!

Charlotte and Ben and families x