Happy New Year!

Wow what a year 2011 was for Fordhall Farm, from a ramshackle to a beauty – it really has transformed. Last year felt like a roller coaster, no day stood still. Staff levels tripled, new enterprises were created and there were lots of new lessons to learn. But what made it all possible – and there were days when both Ben and I were so tired we wondered what we had got ourselves into – was the fact that all of you, our supporters, were following us and encouraging us to succeed. It has got this far because of you and it will succeed because of you. Already everything has far surpassed our expectations: the building, our staff and your support.
2012 brings even more new challenges, but we have agreed not to do anything else new! This is the year of consolidation…. how long will it last I wonder 😉 

to help keep you informed of our activities on Fordhall Organic Farm we have ventured onto twitter:

and facebook…


Who knew Fordhall would venture into 21st century technology? …..I certainly didn’t!
Happy New Year everyone and we look forward to sharing the journey of 2012 with you all.