Hardgraft Takes Fordhall By Storm

Fordhall played ‘house’ to Mark and Dan from the Hardgraft
company on Monday night. The two comedians are walking from Bristol to Bangor without any money and nowhere to sleep. They arrived at Fordhall a night early on Sunday after being let down at the last minute. They were exhausted and worn down but joined us in the office at 1am and listened patiently to the Fordhall story.

Monday brought a day of rest for the guys without any walking, although they were soon in the office helping to catch up with our backlog and stuffing envelopes. Thanks guys – you were great.

Volunteers, Shareholders and others joined together for a stunning performance on Monday night from the pair. The demonstrated perfect comedy timing and imagination, really engaging the audience and coping well with the heavy rain on the barn roof.

We wish you both really well and are looking forward to hearing that you have completed your enterprising challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for these characters in Nottingham, Upton Cross, Sleaford and Boston. A great night out.

Other news – so far £250,000! We have almost caught up on share applications. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We really apologise for the delay since recent press coverage, although the response just proves there is tremendous support out there.

Also – We are doing Guided Walks around the farm on Sunday 14th May 1-4pm. Places need booking in advance and are limited. To reserve a place phone 01630 638696 or email project@fordhallfarm.com


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