Have you seen Ben’s videos?

Well what a crazy few weeks! I am sure many of you are in just as much shock as we are. Every day has brought new changes and new challenges, it has been hard to keep up, but we have to say that our team at Fordhall have done us proud. They have rallied round, adapted and supported us where it has been needed.

The shop especially has been extremely busy, even though all other public activities on the farm have now closed. The staff in the shop are working like fire flies. If you see them stood still, then they might end up flopping into a wheelbarrow like Ben here!

In fact, Ben seems to have found his calling in all of this angst and change. He has taken to video blogging on our Facebook page and we highly recommend you take a look if you haven’t already seen him!

We’ve also added Ben’s video blogs below, so you can see his witty face updating members of our community with changes onsite due to the daily government guidance.

Ben’s video update: Sunday, April 5,2020

Ben’s video update: Friday, April 3, 2020 


Ben’s video update: Monday, March 23, 2020


Ben’s video update 22nd March 2020



As the rest of us work from home where possible, Ben’s upbeat and charismatic nature is keeping us all going. In contrast, I will try to reinvigorate this blog to keep you in touch with all things Fordhall, and hopefully offer a little light relief to the current world news.

Please bear with me if the updates do not come daily, I have a very active 4 year old at home and there is still work to be done, but I will do my very best to keep in touch with you all.

In the meantime, please stay safe everyone, keep enjoying the skies and the trees, and be kind.

Charlotte x

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