Hay Making in 2008 – beat the rain…

After wandering if the Summer weather was ever going to come, we have finally had chance to cut and make hay. Ben rents some land at Whitchurch from Shropshire Wildlife Trust (melverley Meadows). They are protected, traditional organic hay meadows and Ben uses them to cut hay for winter feed. However, you need at least a week of completely dry and warm weather for it to be successful.

Last week began well and on tuesday Ben took the decision to bale the hay. By the weekend it was already to bring back to the farm, but Saturday evening and Sunday predicted rain. This meant it was all hands on deck to get it completed on Satuday. Wet hay rots and is then worthless, he could not afford to delay and run into the rains.

Charlotte and Becca were at Shrewsbury Farmers’ Market, Courier Dave and Helena were at Uttoxeter Farmers’ Market and Ben had been able to rally up some more help in the field. Josh, Ralph, Dave, Chris, Craig, Ghislain (from Normandy) and later Helena (from Prague), Charlotte and Marie-Anne. The team worked hard through the mid day sun and put in some real effort. Eventually the hay made it into the barn, but everyone was working well into the night.

Alas, the rains did not come. But, nevertheless the hay is now safe and the barn is full ready for this years winter feed.

Well done all those who put in the hard work.


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  1. Very interested and pleased to read on the website that you all managed to get the hay baled and in the barn before the rain arrived. Good news. Sounds like you have access to some excellent hay meadows near Whitchurch rented from your good friends and supporters the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. I can see it is very hard work especially against the clock but it must feel very
    rewarding for all those involved when you can stand back and see the hay all stacked up in the barn safe, dry and ready for winter especially when the weather is so changeable day to day.


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