Hedge planting in the picnic area

A Big Cheer for all the families that came to Fordhall on Saturday to help us plant a hedge in the picnic area.
Inspite of the recent sunshine the day was cold and grey but that did’nt stop 20 families from coming along to help with the planting. Our hedging came free from the Shropshire Council and the Woodland Trust, which both running a scheme to encourage more tree planting and more hedges. Our hedge is designed to help cut down the wind that whips up the Tern valley and also supply us with a good supply of fruit and nuts – sloe berries, elderberries, damsons, cherries, crapapple and hazel. As a result, we expect to attract more birds into the garden  and no doubt, a few squirrels but lets hope they leave some for us. As there were so many children and grown ups to help we were finished in a tick so we warmed up on hot soup and ate scrummy chocolate beetroot brownies. Once again a big thank you to everyone that helped. Bex


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  1. Dear Ben & Charlotte,

    Thank you for the latest email. Sadly I have never been able to visit Fordhall as I live in Cheshire and no longer have a car, but I love reading all about the farm in The Grazer. I think you are doing a wonderful job. If I had lived near I would have been an enthuisiastic volunteer – that is when I was younger and fit. However reading all about everything is the next best thing. I wish you all the best of luck in this wonderful project of yours. Wish more farms would go organic.

    Best wishes to you all, Wendy

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