Listening to the wind

This is one of my favourite views at Fordhall. It is the view I have when lying down in the garden of the farmhouse looking up at the beautiful beech tree. I have spent many summers doing this as a child but less so as an adult. Lives have got busier and there seems much less time in the day for such luxuries.

However, if there is one good thing to come out of Covid-19, it is time. Time to stop, time to listen and time to see.

Even though the leaves have not quite reached their full leafy stage yet, looking up at the branches and listening to the wind rush through them is still therapeutic.

We have had more blue skies in the last week than we have had all year, and I for one have been making the most of them. My 4 year old daughter and I have been playing outdoors each day, running away from our own shadows and lying down to listen to the wind rushing through the trees. It has been fun to make up stories to go with the wind. Could it be a wolf chasing a rabbit, or a giant sighing with relief?

We are currently in isolation after my husband developed a cough earlier in the week. All symptoms remain mild, but as a result our activities remain quite confined to home. However, that does not stop us from venturing into the garden, or sometimes just opening the window and sitting to listen. It has been extremely rewarding to reconnect with these childhood pastimes and be reminded of how important they are for our overall well-being.

I wonder if you have had the same experience? Has anyone reconnected to childhood experiences or found a new/deeper appreciation for nature in the process? Let me know

Charlotte x

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