Meeting the Volunteers, by Marie-anne

Ok so I havent done one of these before so you’ll have to excuse me if this entry isn’t as full as the ones which Charlotte or Sophie give! However as somebody that isn’t a permanent resident here, I think it’ll be good to hear about the farm from my perspective.

My names Marie-Anne (23) and I’m a friend of Sophies, so shes the reason that I got to hear about the farm. But it changes rapidly from being something that interests you because a friend is involved to something that you desperately want to see succeed, and more than anything the fantastic atmosphere and people that you meet makes you come back for more – so much so that I have taken a week off from work and am now living here to help out.

As we are so close to the deadline at the moment, the office is rarely quiet. There is always something to be done from stuffing and stamping envelopes to a never-ending list of phone calls and e-mails to write. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everybody for all the donations and shares that have been coming in from all areas of the country, its fantastic to see so many people so determined to see such a good thing succeed. A big help has been the article in the Telegraph which came out on Saturday for which we have had a really fantastic response. We have ITV coming in the morning (and no doubt Sophie will be trying her best to hide behind the cameras!). This is to be shown on June 20th, so please catch it if you can.

We are also really looking forward to welcoming Fred Muchindu, a Zambian farmer coming to visit the farm from Harvest Help, a Shropshire based charity who work with African farmers to increase their knowledge and experience of sustainable farming techniques. This is so great for us as a lot of what we aim to do is continue education in all directions, and it gives us a chance to hear about how farming is done in other countries.

There is also a further article coming out in The Guardian on Wednesday and the Farmers Guardian on Friday, again the more people that are aware of our fight, the better!

So, why Fordhall? As a volunteer I have had the unique experience of Fordhall in all its glory. It really is an Oasis in a world of development and so unique that the thought of ever losing it seems so unjustified. If you are in the same position as me, you will know what is so special about it. If not, all I can do is encourage you to come here and experience it for yourself (and the meat in the farm shop is the best I have ever tasted!)

I grew up in the country and lived here until I was 18 and yet the first time I had ever touched or fed a pig was here, I’d certainly never seen a calf being born and never had a picnic surrounded by so many farm animals and such natural beauty. If a girl from the country hasn’t had these experiences before Fordhall, surely people from urban areas have even less of a chance! But thats what Fordhall is, a chance to see all of that an so much more, and I dont want to see that go to waste. And thats why I bought two shares. Everything makes a difference and together we can save it! So to everybody thats invested in Fordhall, a big thank you. To everybody thats considering it, hopefully my posting has shown why it means so much to me, and that you can be a part of it too!

Current Total: £601,050 and 11 days to go

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  1. Hello

    My name is Gary Meadows, and I am from Australia. I am currently touing
    around the UK and Europe. I read about Fordhall Farm in an Engish
    newspaper over here in the Czech Republic (where I am currently at the
    20,000km mark in my driving holiday).

    I contacted my wife in Australia and she has purchased a share in your
    farm for us today.

    I hope to drop by the Farm Shop when I return to the UK in 4 weeks. I
    will be spending one more month visiting relatives throughout the UK
    before I finally return home (after 7 and a half months!). So hopefully I
    can take a picture of our own little piece of English countryside.

    All the best with your endeavour.

    Kind regards


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