Mr Brown invites Fordhall Farm to Number 10.

Yes thats right, Shropshire farmers have been invited to Downing Street! Now, its not often that happens…

Gordon Brown organised a lovely reception at No. 10 last week to celebrate National Social Enterprise Day and as a Flagship Social Enterprise (and if you don’t know, that is a business which does NOT work for ‘private profit’ but reinvests its profit for environmental or social benefit) for the West Midlands the FCLI (Fordhall Farm Community Land Initiative) was invited.

So off Charlotte went, into the big city of London. There were almost 200 other social enterprises squeezed into the main reception room and the fantastic food was also supplied by a Social Enterprise.

The PM said:
“Whatever job an individual is doing for whatever social enterprise in the country, you are doing something very much bigger than simply the task that you are carrying out. You are actually making our country a better, fairer and more successful country.
“You are building communities in this country that, without your help, would not be strong at all. You are making a younger generation see the importance of community solidarity and people working together for the common good.”

Charlotte said “it was a great honour to be invited to Downing Street. Whatever your political view, everyone in the room felt as though they were being truly thanked for the work that they do. It was a very interesting day, as we even got to have a little nosey around the house! It was a real celebration for Social Enterprise and has inspired me to work even harder. Role on 2010”

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  1. Hi all – thinking of you on this very cold winter evening – with or without a sound
    farmhouse roof !

    I have just been driving to & from the Welsh coast, twice in a week, and have really
    enjoyed these journeys, especially when stuck in traffic, because I’ve been
    listening to all 9 hours of your ‘Fight’ Audio CD. I didn’t want my journey to
    end…… !

    I’ll aim to get over from Stafford to see the ‘real thing’ soon.

    Thanks you for spending the time to write this book – on top of all your so very
    many other commitments.

    With very best wishes for you continued successes.

    Nicola W

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