My First Experience of Fordhall, By Andrew Blake, Germany

October 2003

When I first visited Fordhall Farm I was about 9 years old. I was in my room when my mum said, “come one Andrew, we’re going to Fordhall Farm”. I thought, “oh no, what place are we going to now?”. Once we had gotten there, a lady called Connie met us in the front of a really old and big house. She shook all our hands, Mike, my step-dad, my mum, Vanessa, my sister and finally me. We went through a door into the house and I saw that it was full of everything!

We went into another room where an old man was sitting. He said that he was called Arthur. I didn’t say anything, because I was too shy. We went there because Mike wanted to help the family to save the farm, but I didnt really know what it was all about!
After a while Mum said that we were going outside, and outside was also full of stuff, but there were only a few animals. When my mum said it was time to go, I was really upset. I really wanted to stay at Fordhall Farm for longer.
August 2006

Now I’ m back at Fordhall! You may be wondering why I had to wait over 2 years to come back, so I’ll tell you. My mum and dad had divorced, and my mum and Mike had married. We moved to Germany in 2004 and I went to a German school. I’m here on holiday at the moment in England. I was – and I still am – really happy about all this. And Fordhall has also changed so much! Everything’s much tidier, there’s a farm shop, and there are lots of people on a course here and volunteering.
I’ve been introduced to some of them. There’s Andrew, who is a fisherman and hunter, Barney, who cooks for everybody here, Danny, who is always friendly and smiles a lot, and there’s Sophie, who seems to live in the office. Also, my mum, grandma and little sister Katie have come over to see how the farm has changed. I have also heard that Charlotte and Ben have raised the 800,000 quid to buy the farm of the Landlord. Congratulations!!!!
I hope Fordhall will be here for a long time to come and that it wont be so long before I visit again.
Andrew Christopher Blake aged 11