New Life at Fordhall

We have had our first calf of the year born at Fordhall this week!

Andy, the young calf, is also Ben’s first Pedigree Hereford to be born at the farm. It is the beginnings of a Hereford suckling herd which suits Fordhalls hardy outdoor grazing system (otherwise known as Foggage farming).

Ben says “I chose to rear Herefords at Fordhall like our father had done, because of their hardyness, and light frame. Many of the international breeds such as the Charolais are too heavy for our light soils, and do not fair well outdooors through the winter. The Hereford is a great traditional and native breed, and of course provides great tasting beef after a lifetime on our chemical free pastures”

Anyone able to visit the shop over the next couple of weeks will be able to see Andy in the paddock near the farm shop as Ben keeps a close eye on him in his early weeks.

Looking out of the office window and seeing this new life throughout the year makes us even more determined for this project to succeed. The support is gathering all the time, the farm is moving forward and public awareness is growing. We now have over 400 individual shareholders from all over the country and letters are going out everyday…

Keep your eye on the ‘How Can You Help’ page on our website for different ways you can support the Fordhall Community Land Initiative.