Newsletter Mayham

Finally (!) the next newsletter will be arriving on your doorstep shortly.

We would like to apologise for the delay. There has been an extrodinary number of technical hitches at every corner.

After hours of volunteer time spent stuffing envelopes the vast majority of newsletters have been posted with only a few hundred left to go…

Above – 11.30pm and still slogging away.

A huge thanks needs to go out to all the volunteers who have helped us with this mammonth task and have enabled a quick turn around.

All newsletters will be sent out by the weekend but have a second class stamp so be patient! If you don’t receive anything by the end of next week just email us to let us know and we will double-check your contact details.

Right – Ben takes the second load of newsletters to the post offce. We are now on first name terms!

Keep an eye on the website for an update of events in the near future.