October Volunteer Working Weekend!!

Last weekend 13th and 14th we held our autumn working weekend. We were lucky enough to be joined by a fantastic bunch of volunteers who had come from all over the country, even from overseas, to get stuck in to what turned out to be some very mucky jobs!
The muddiest job of all was the challenge of repairing the board walk down in the meadow, for those of you who have visited Fordhall you will be aware that the meadow is quite a quagmire even at the best of times, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The board walk is a set of boards built and layed out so people can walk across the meadow without getting stuck in the mud. However, it can happily take the weight of people, but unfortunately the cows proved to be too much and many of the boards sunk into the mud. A small team of well prepared volunteers worked all weekend on designing and re-building a better and more secure way of keeping the boards above the mud, they did a fantastic job and although one or two got stuck and lost a wellie or two, they all had great fun!

Other jobs that were done were:
1) Re-roofing the portacabins
2) Weeding and clearing round the young newly planted trees
3) Fixing the fence around the picnic area
4) Designing and painting signs and items for halloween
Last but not least:
5) Sewing the yurt insulation ready for their renovation, using the many buttons that were kindly donated by supporters to give the yurts a cosy and fashionable finish.
Also, on the weekend we held the BIG draw kids activity, to get children and families into showing off their artistic sides and creating a ‘Green Space’ that had inspired them in 2012. This event was held on Sunday and was a huge success. The activity was held outside in our picnic area in the glorious sunshine surrounded by the farms beautiful green space, a perfect place for getting the creative juices flowing.
A huge THANK YOU!! to everyone who came and took part in the weekend and gave up their free time to get mucky on the farm. We couldn’t do what we do without the help and support of all of our volunteers and it was a pleasure to see some new faces joining us for the weekend.
Hope to see you all again at the farm in the future, here’s to another great weekend!
Beth Kennett