Office Mayhem

Thanks to all of your continued response from both new and existing shareholders. We have had to gather more volunteers in the office; today alone we had ten different people helping to file, write certificates, plug information into the database, stuff letters, allocate share numbers, and sort out queries, to name just a few. In fact we had two volunteers who spent the whole day just opening the post and checking the cheques were correct.

Sophie and Charlotte pass on an enormous thank you to everyone who has spared the time to help process the mound of paperwork we are receiving. But, this is exactly what the campaign needs in its last few weeks for the final push. The momentum is there and it just needs to keep going.

We are trying to get certificates out to you as soon as possible, but we do apologise as we are about a week behind. However, if you have already applied for a certificate (pre May 29th) and you have not received your certificate please do give us a call and we will do our best to locate it for you. Any purchased after this date are currently working their way through the system.

Please do continue to spread the word and also speak to as many wealthy individuals as you can, you never know who may be interested in offering a sizeable interest free loan for a good cause? And this campaign has come just too far for it to fail at the last hurdle – it has too much potential..

Warmest Wishes and Many Thanks to you all

£550,000 Raised so far -this is an estimate as we still have a few days post to open 🙂
£250,000 left to raise

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  1. I think what you guys are doing is absolutely fantastic and wish you all the luck in the world. I have bought my share and will be recommending all of my friends and customers to do the same. If we can be of any help in publicising your campaign or in any other way please do not hesitate to contact me at

    Do you have any marketing collateral? – we are opening a new shop on 24 June and have sent invites to almost 3000 people. If you have any leaflets etc I would be delighted to put them in the shop and tell people about you.


  2. I bumped into Craig – a mutual friend of ours from uni, (UCLAN)- tonight who told me about your campaign.

    I am secretary for the Preston branch of CPRE & will pass info about the campaign to our head office immediately.

    I would also be interested in joining the campaign myself & purchasing a plot of land from you.

    If you wish to contact me, my email address is:
    or tel: 07776093487/01772 743211

    All the Best –
    Tracey Gillibrand

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