Only 4 weeks until Fordhall Farm re-opens…

Fordhall Farm’s new green roof canopy
As time moves on and Easter approaches, the final touches on our renovation project begin. This week Sedum Supplys have been putting the gravel base onto our green roof. This substrate will hold a beautiful biodiverse roof, which all the local widlife will be able to take advantage of throughout the year. 

Welsh slate really makes
the new Farm Shop special

Inside the building progress continues. Downstairs is fully plastered and has even received its first coat of paint. Our welsh tiles have arrived and Mick has been carefully laying them through the building – with a little (OK a lot) of moaning in between because they are not the square straight tiles he is used to! The farm shop is now complete, the toilets and tea room will be next. I have to say that it looks beautiful and Mick has done a fantastic job – despite the moaning!

Meanwhile, work has continued upstairs and outside. Warmcell recycled newspaper is blown in between the floor joists to help insulate the building and reduce noise between the floors.

The recycled newspaper is blown in between the joists. It is shredded so fine, it looks like we have had mice!

Plasterers work hard in
our new office

And lime plaster is applied to the walls and ceilings. After all coats have been applied we are left with about 13mm of lovely lime plaster. This type of plaster allows the building to breath and provides a lovely rustic feel with it. To compliment the plaster, these areas will also be painted with a chalk based lime paint, which along with being breathable have no nasty VOCs that can affect your health.

Externally, the drainage is in, our soakaway and septic tank have arrived and most of the external paving is complete.

With only 3-4 weeks before we open, it is all hands on deck. Ben and I and the rest of the team are busy finalising the details such as tables, shelves, crockery, suppliers and more. There are so many things to think about – we hope we remember to get the coffee!


This work has been part funded by Advantage West Midlands