Organic Fortnight and English Breakfasts

Its been another busy bank holiday weekend at Fordhall Farm. Ben and Marie-anne were at Greenfields food fair in Telford whilst Sophie and Courier Dave (aka The ‘A’ Team) were at the farmers market in Uttoxeter.

Ben also compelted his hay making on Monday with help from 8 willing volunteers and now has an ENORMOUS stack of hay stored in the Dutch barn.

There are roughly 1350 hay bales (someone lost count half way through) which is more than enough for Fordhall, so if you need any you know where to find us – if your a shareholder I’m sure you can get a good deal!

A date for you to know – Organic Fortnight is September 1 -16. The Soil Association have organised many activities to entertain you and inspire your tastebuds – more information is available at

Something to to tempt you: As part of the Organic Fortnight is ‘Wake up to an Organic Breakfast’. Yum. A good breakfast = a great day. Whilst your eating just spare a thought for where the food has come from and how well the animals were looked after.

Don’t forget that we sell delicious free-range bacon and sausages in the shop (Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun 11 -4) along with porridge, jam and honey. Scrummy stuff to start your day with!

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  1. Hi Charlotte and Ben,
    Your book is fantastic and you have both written it so well, I really have
    enjoyed every page. I think you are both ‘chips of the old block’, no
    disrespect to your Dad who was clearly a remarkable person. You both appear
    to have so many of his attributes, such tenacity and strength of character
    and abilities. Thank you so much for giving your time to write with such
    openness and detail, your passion is indeed infectious and made so many of
    us respond and make us think. You have achieved the unimaginable and the
    sky is clearly the limit, I wish you every success in your endeavours and
    will look forward to every stage of the developments, but do take care of
    yourselves along the way. I am passing the book to friends and hope they
    will want to visit, better still, make donations!

    All good wishes in everything you do, you deserve continued success.

    All good wishes, Anne

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