Our first glimpse of our new offices!

Today the roofers are in, battons are on and the waterproof membrane is being laid. All too quickly our outer walls are being covered in and rooms are being created.

Looking to the end of our new office.

   As I wandered upstairs I was taken aback by the wonderful space Seven Architecture have created and Charles and the team at Shingler have built. Although not complete, it is already beautiful.

Looking into our new classroom space, this old brick
wall will fall against our new staircase

 Today the electrician (Andy) arrived to begin the first fix and so it has been all hands on deck to ensure that the light fittings and plug sockets are all where we want them. The worst thing would be to not think about this properly now and have sockets in front of cupboards and lights behind shelves!
Whilst I look at plug sockets and light fittings, Ben has disappeared off to Cumbria to look at fridges and butchery equipment. He has taken Charlie, our butcher, and together I am sure they will create a functional and open space, which will allow the public to see the whole butchery process.

Everywhere you look there are men working (although as soon as I turn up with the camera they quickly hide!): nailing timbers together, attaching the membrane, finishing brick work, measuring and sawing. The site is a real hive of activity and the workmanship has been excellent.

As attention begins to move towards the finishing detail, we realise how much valuable work our architects and project manager, Gavin (WCP Associates), are putting into the project. Everyone is working together to ensure that this project completes on schedule.

Thank you.


p.s. Don’t forget – if you want to make the images larger, simply click on them!

Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands


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  1. It is SOOOO exciting! Love it. Good luck and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Imagine – an office with central heating? Wow!

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