Our Old Dairy now has a toilet and shower…. well nearly!

Looking into Fordhall’s new farm shop and butchery

WOW – things are definately gathering speed on site now. As the joists for the ceiling go in, you really get a sense for the different rooms. The photo above shows the view into Ben’s new farm shop with the butchery at the end. Although there looks like a lot of space on the photo, when you are inside it is not a huge amount bigger than our previous shop. Nevertheless, he will have the added benefit of the butchery onsite.

The warmer weather has meant that the brickies have been able to crack on with relaying the old bricks with lime mortar, and as a result the character of our old building is coming back.

A volunteer emailed me earlier today to ask if I could send him evidence of the shower room that will go in for volunteers (those who have volunteered at Fordhall will know that the current asbestos decontamination unit can get quite cold in the winter!). It is a bit difficult to see as walls are going up very quickly, but there is one single and one disabled toilet on the left behind the old brick wall (in the image below) and the shower will be in with the disabled toilet. Volunteers may be disappointed to hear that it will be smaller than the current shower, but it will at least be warm and available all year!

And behind the old brick wall toilets and a volunteer shower are being created from recycled blocks.


Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands