Pies at Ludlow Food Festival!

Last weekend(7th – 9th September), we packed up the vans with 1500 porkpies, 20 cases of meat and a selection of merchandise and trundled down to Ludlow Castle to take part in the famous Ludlow Food Festival. We had a fantastic spot inside the marquee that was full to the brim of foodie artisans from all around the local areas.  I could have spent a fortune over the three days!

Our stall soon caught the attention of the hordes of people walking around the marquee, as Wally (the baker) laid out his porkpies in a very artistic fashion. I tried to help layout one morning, but didn’t do it quite right apparently…Who’d have thought laying out porkpies could be so hard!
Wally’s beautiful pie pattern
The days were long, but good fun. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from all over the country. Many people we spoke to were shareholders, those who weren’t took part in our raffle to win a share in Fordhall Organic Farm – we had a lucky winner in Mr Kennedy, whose share certificate shall be winging its way to him shortly!
If there were no farms, I would miss…
We also took our “If there were no farms, I would miss…” board. It was a slow start, but we soon had a great selection of answers from people of all backgrounds and all ages.
Food Festival Team
The weekend went well and by Sunday evening we had sold out of porkpies and we were exhausted!  We packed up slowly and made our way home. 
What a busy month September is turning out to be with the Beer and Music Festival at the beginning of the month, Ludlow Food Festival in the middle and the John Kirkpatrick folk evening coming up this weekend…very glad I go on holiday soon…!