Piglets venture out

This evening as the sun was headig down to rest, Libby and her piglets emerged for a play in Fordhall’s pastures. These were born during the book launch on Friday July 13th and they are all gorgeous.

If any of you have read the book (The Fight for Fordhall Farm), you will know that Libby was one of the first pigs Ben and Charlotte bought. As a Gloucester Old Spot cross Tamworth, she has a wonderful temprement as well as producing fantastic pork.

Libby’s piglets will remain with her for some time yet, as she teaches them how to forage for worms within the soil and how to avoid the electric fence!

They will then go on to live free-range on our chemical free pastures, looked after by Ben, and adored by visitors. Until of course they are ready for the farm shop. By which time I am sure Libby will be well on the way to having another litter….
If you want to see Libby and her piglets why not come to our Family Fun Day on August 19th. There will be lots of games, live music, stalls, tractors and more… See our website for more details.

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