Please Help Us Save George!!

Hi everybody,

Everyone at the farm is sending out a big plea to anyone who can re-home or help to find someone who can re-home George, our gorgeous tame sheep.

Those of you that regularly read our blog will know all about George. He has the most gorgeous character since he was born at Fordhall two years ago. After being rejected by his mum he was hand-reared and everyone fell in love with him, especially Hannah and Maz. He has been a great attraction for people to come and see him, pet him and say hello.

Unfortunately, when we held our summer fair on 13th June, two little boys went to say hello to him and he became a bit playful. After the two boys had been stroking George for a while he got playful and knocked them both over! Neither boy was hurt, but it came as a bit of a shock to them causing a few tears. It has also raised concerns with Ben and Charlotte about having George around the farm with the general public.

This had never happened before, but it could happen again, and so Ben has decided it is time to let George go. Everyone was devastated fearing George was going to be lamb chops!

Usually when hand-reared sheep is old enough it is put out in the field and soon adjusts to being with other sheep, thus becoming more timid with humans. However, George was shown more affection and was even allowed to come into the office; he still runs to Hannah when in the field. Due to our intervention we do not feel it is fair for George to be killed as we have been the cause of his great affection to people. Therefore we would love for someone to give him a loving home, in a large playful environment, where we can keep up to date with how he is doing.

If anyone can help in anyway, it would be immensely appreciated. We only have one week to find him a new home otherwise we may lose him, so please hurry!

Please contact us if you can help 01630 638696 or email