As many of you will be aware, there is a current ‘static’ period in the agricultural industry. Whilst farmers can no longer move their cattle around, they cannot supply their farm shops and other outlets with the necessary products. The potential threat of being contaminated with Foot and Mouth Disease is too great a risk for many to shoulder and precautions are being taken by all.

It is because of this looming danger that we have been seriously considering what action to take regarding the forthcoming Family Fun Day on August 19th at Fordhall Farm. Our difficulty is; the current ban extends to August 17th and if any further action was taken not only would the nature trail have to remain shut, but all visitors would have to be decontaminated upon entering the farm – not everyones ‘cup of tea’! Also, because the ban will not be lifted until 2 days prior to the event, Ben may not have any meat to either stock the fridge or provide the hog roast and bbq he has become accustomed to! It is just another knock for the farm after the flooding in July has caused problems with Hay Making. Ben is hoping this week will stay dry enough to get it all baled, but the delay has caused a lot of anxiety around the normally fun and involving activity.

This day has already been postponed due to the flooding in July and we have made it ‘bigger and better’ to compensate for this, so we are reluctant to cancel unless we have to. Even if we have to go ahead without the hog roast!

We just hope that this situation is resolved as soon as possible so everyone can let go of their breath and continue as normal. We really appreciate your understanding and hope you will keep your eye on our website for further updates.

We are in close talks with DEFRA and hope that if there are no other outbreaks between now and the event. If the next 10 days stays free, we hope to hold the event on August 19th as planned.

Please spare a thought for your local farmers.

From all at Fordhall x

p.s. photos of the hay making (in the sun) coming soon…


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  1. I have much enjoyed Ben and Charlotte’s book “The Fight for Fordhall Farm” – and shall treasure it but pass it on TEMPORARILY to friends! I remember hearing about the Hollins senior’s work on the farm long ago from local people.
    I do hope the ‘stand still’ order on animal movement can soon be removed.
    Best Wishes
    Joan, Wolverhampton.

  2. Ben, Charlotte, Sophie,

    I too really enjoyed the book, as well as Arthur’s, which I read previously. Great writing about a great adventure! I so admire you all for all you’ve achieved and am delighted to be involved in my small way!

    I was really looking forward to my first visit on the Family Fun weekend and am so sorry for you. You more than most could have done without this …

    Thinking about you a lot. Living here in France it’s hard to feel involved in some ways but I follow the diary etc and will get to the farm one day!

    All the best – bon courage!!!

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