Progress on Grants

Many people have been asking about our progress regarding grant applications. We have now submitted three applications. The first was to Tubney Trust and this was unfortunately declined, the other two are with Garfield Western Foundation and GrantScape (a Land Fill Tax grant). The application to GrantScape is for £450,000 and the application to Garfield Western is for however much they will fund!

The number of grants available for land purchase are few and far between. There are an abundance of funds available for every other activity we want to do at Fordhall, but not for the actual purchase of the land!

Many supporters have suggested we contact the National Lottery. We have been in contact with both the Big Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Big Lottery Fund, Reaching Communities, will only fund capital items up to the value of £50,000, and the Heritage Lottery Fund demand a development plan so detailed it would take a minimum of 18months to complete and then a further 6-12 months before we get an answer on the success of the application.

There are however a number of Private Trusts who are much more flexible and do not have as much beauracacy as the Lottery. We need to find these – Can you help?

If you know of any Trusts who will fund land purchase on a project like ours please email us at with their details. To check if we are eligible read through our Project Pages especially the ‘What Does It Offer You’ Page.

Loans – Business Plan
We are also on track with the Business Plan and in close correspondance with Triodos Bank. This is a back up plan where if there is any shortfall, it can be funded by a favourable loan/mortgage. We have chosen to work with Triodos because of their ethics as a Bank and their keen interest in Community Farm Land Trusts.

But dont forget, we can also take loans from you!

These are Interest Free and are for a minimum of five years. They will provide us with the initial capital to purchase the freehold, whilst other grants are being sourced.

Can you help in this way or any other? See our ‘How Can You Help’ pages for more information.