Saturday Telegraph and progress

We have it on good authority that there will be a feature in this saturdays Telegraph on the Fordhall Community Land Initiative – keep your eyes peeled. We are also in this months Countryman magazine (a huge thank you to Bill Taylor for this fantastic article) and Ethical Consumer magazines. If you havent already seen them get yourself a copy.

Sustainability, food, farming, landscape and the future are all hitting the news – lets help make that difference.

In the fundraising front – we have so far raised £79,000 and have 440 Shareholders. Shares are coming in everyday through the post and it all makes a difference.

We can now also accept online donations and shares. Just follow the links from our website. Although there is a small handling charge for selling shares online; if you want to avoid this you can still download the leaflet application and post it with a cheque to the farm.

Keep campaigning and send your successes to us – we will post them on the Blog!

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  1. Hello there,
    Read the article in the Telegraph over Easter and was most impressed. Good on you! I’m forwarding a link to your webpage to everyone I can think of – hope you get a good response. Am off to see if I have any money in my PayPal account too …. Best regards, Dan Lloyd, Deptford, London

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