Scaffolding is down on the Old Dairy

As the tiles cover the whole of our Old Dairy roof at Fordhall, the beauty of the building again shines through. Most of the scaffolding is now down and the lovely circular brick window that was previously blocked up has also been uncovered. The Zinc for the classroom extension is still on order, but the rest of the old roof is pretty much complete. Work over the last 10 days has concentrated on the first fix for plumbing, electrics, phone connections and our network points.  Carefully guided by our Site Manager Charles (see upper left) the work has been efficient and without a (major) hitch….

Although every time I walk onto site the sparkies and plumbers seem to run out of my way! Left (lower left) you can see Andy our electrician trying to hide, but not quite being successful!

Charles has also been working hard to bring back the one timber truss from the original building. Due to the fact that it is very old timber, our structural engineer Peter, was not happy with it forming part of the structural wall. As an alternative we have sat it against the main classroom wall (very close to its original position) as a reminder of the old construction.

You will notice that you have to duck to get through the doorway, but I am assured that Charles will sort this out for us before we open! Fitting it into the space I know, has not been easy.

Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands